Bach (JS): Prelude and Fugue in Ab, BWV 886 (from WTC II)

Just something I'm studying, so I thought I'd share.

B-double-flat is a funny-ass key (towards the end of the fugue), then re-interpreted as the Neapolitan of A-flat after languishing in the minor dominant for far too long. All of this is motivated by the first countersubject, a descending chromatic line in quarter notes (passus duriusculus) that is more-or-less directly opposed to the trio sonata-like main subject.


Monelle, Raymond. The Sense of Music. Princeton Univeristy Press: 2002, pp. 196-206.)



Wallingford Riegger - Concerto for Piano and Wind Quintet, Opus 53

Someone needs to change the Wikipedia article on dear Wallingford (1885-1961). Listed among his attributes is this: "He is noted for his use of Arnold Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique [...] but he did not use it in all his compositions." That's like, "Sure, I've been to McDonald's, but I don't eat there all the time." Seriously, someone who has a good grasp on Wallingford should, at the very least, attempt a fitting biographical note.

Anyway, here's a dandy--the first and second movements of his Concerto for Piano and Wind Quintet, Opus 53, written in 1953.

Thanks to Wellesz for making this available.


John Luther Adams - Red Arc/Blue Veil

From YouTube of course. Posted by stalinesque.

Carrick - Scene Miniature

Same as below.